Perhaps you have one or more of these problems...

  • You know the message you want to convey but don't know how to put it into words.
  • You don't have time to sit down and write content, or you want to outsource this work so you can focus on bigger tasks.
  • You don't know how to use digital content creation to drive consistent leads.
  • You want to position yourself as a top expert in your industry.
  • You want content that will sound more like how you speak.
  • You don't even know where to begin with a digital content strategy.

My Mission

There's a point in every business professional's career where they learn that they can't do it all. You might sit down to start a digital content strategy or write copy, but realize you have no idea what you're doing and that it's not easy. Or maybe you don't have the time. So many people have been there. You're not alone.

I'm here to tell you that words have tremendous power to both drive sales and create brand awareness. However, it's not just the written words, but knowing where to put them and how to use them. As a copywriting professional, I know how to do both for you. I will not only write your copy, but strategically help you implement it to put more money in your pocket.

My mission is simple. I write amazing content for businesses that want to boost their income and increase brand awareness.

Why Work With Me?

-I care, simple as that. I am fully invested in every client I have and truly want to help them grow.

-I am strategic. Many copywriters only write words. I analyze your web presence and use your content effectively.

-I am thorough. I conduct in-depth market research for each project.

-I am transparent. I tell it how it is and will keep you updated on each step of the project!

-I am knowledgeable and experienced. In fact, I try to learn something new every day about my craft.

-I am an expert storyteller. Don't take my word for it...I'm actually a published author!

-I am incredibly detail-oriented.

-I strive for 100% satisfaction from my clients and will do anything I can to achieve that. I always try to go above and beyond the call of duty.

My Personal Life

I am a 24 year old writer, author, blogger, and lover of life who was born and raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I continue to live there today. Growing up, I wanted to be many things: a veterinarian, a teacher, an actor, an astronaut, a businessman… but ultimately set out on a very different path. My greatest passion is using words to make a difference in my life and the world around me. Writing is my preferred tool to do that. My first book, Lost Boy Found: Overcoming my OCD was published in August of 2019. This memoir follows my struggle with mental illness, coming out of the closet, and how I realized what love truly is. I am now working on my second book, this time a young adult novel. Writing brings me energy and life.

Outside of my writing life, I enjoy spending time with loved ones, reading, nature, all of the pizza, and being in love with my best friend Tucker. I continue to work everyday at developing myself and creating the life of my dreams.

Now that we're friends, here are some fun facts you might want to know:

…was home-schooled 7th grade through high school and does not regret it one bit

…is a vegetarian

…has worked in a nature center, two animal shelters, and a veterinarian’s office

…favorite TV shows include How I Met Your Mother, Psych, New Girl, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Scandal

…proudly identifies as a Hufflepuff

…is five years older than his sister and eleven years older than his brother

…desperately wants to visit Australia since his childhood obsession with Steve Irwin

…worked with cats for years even though he’s terrified of them

…tries to ignore the existence of math at all times

…has a BAD Taco Bell addiction

…Has a very large PEZ dispenser collection (though I don't tell that many people that, so keep it under wraps)

…John Green, Adam Silvera, and Becky Abertalli are his writing inspirations

…drinks WAY too much coffee

…LOVES musical theater, usually listening to the same three musicals on repeat over and over again