“The Morning Miracle” Transformed my Life (How I Stopped Being a Night Owl)

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“The Morning Miracle” Transformed my Life (How I Stopped Being a Night Owl)

The Morning Miracle changed my life and morning routine


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Anyone who is familiar with my reading habits knows I read a lot of self-help books, but I am super picky about what I actually implement in my life. I am always reading a self-help book, and recently, someone close to me suggested I read The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod. It changed my life for the better and had super fast results. The teachings in The Morning Miracle continue to positively impact my life on a daily basis. Here’s my journey and how these new practices helped improve my internal and external communication. This book changed my entire morning routine and life.


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The Plight of the Night Owl


A lot of people hate mornings, but when I tell you just months ago I hated mornings, I mean I REALLY hated mornings. In fact, I took a job that didn’t start until 11 am just so I could stay up late and sleep in later.  If I wanted to, I could have let myself sleep until noon every single day. Before reading this book, my morning routine was completely nonexistent. So when The Morning Miracle told me to get up BEFORE 8 am every day to transform my life, I resisted hard. In my mind, early morning risers were crazy, so I thought the teachings of The Morning Miracle were also crazy.


But Something Needed to Change in my Life


I resisted reading The Morning Miracle for a long time, let alone actually waking up before 8 pm! I didn’t want a morning routine, whatsoever. However, my life was rough. Being laid off from my job, I was very clearly depressed and in a low spot in my life. I barely left the bed, I wasn’t doing anything productive, and I was very depressed. This is not to mention that I became moody and no one wanted to be around me, as I was always constantly crabby. I was slipping back into my old habits, and I was at the end of my rope.


It was pure desperation that finally pushed me to read The Morning Miracle. Simple as that. I was considering a new morning routine.


I Didn’t Believe it at First


While reading The Morning Miracle, I could not possibly comprehend how waking up early could possibly heal my life and unlock my full potential. Hal Elrod claimed that putting into place his easy practices could change you into the person you truly want to be, and fast. He said that it will end our mediocrity if we are willing to put in the work. The Morning Miracle seemed too good to be true. It wasn’t until I read one of the quotes in the book, that I truly decided to give this morning routine a try.


Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.
-Jim Rohn


My heart sank when I read this quote, as a new realization hit me. I was not anywhere close to my full potential, and my morning habits were holding me back. I was no longer working on my personal development, and until I did that, I couldn’t reach the level of success I want. I decided to give the morning routine a try. That night, I set my alarm for 6 am. 


My First Morning


I couldn’t sleep for a long time the first night. Since I was waking up at a completely different time, I needed to go to bed earlier. This was not as easy as I made it out to seem. The day of my first new morning routine, my alarm beeped and my eyes shot open. I didn’t want to be awake, no doubt about that, but I thought of what the author said in The Morning Miracle. I thought about the quote that made me rethink my life. I wanted to unlock my full potential, and nothing was going to stop me. Without thinking anymore, I leaped out of bed, walked to the bathroom, and splashed cold water on my face. That jump out of bed seemed like a morning miracle in itself. 


I Did What the Book Suggested


The fact that I continued this morning routine was even more of a miracle. I was dead set on developing myself into the person I wanted to be. In The Morning Miracle, Hal Elrod teaches the quality of our day starts with our morning routine. If we start our day badly, it’s bound to get worse. If we start our day on a positive note, the rest of the day will follow like this. He wasn’t wrong. 

The Morning Miracle said that every single morning, we should do something to increase our self-growth. A cup of coffee in my hand (a huge part of my everyday morning routine now!) and sitting out on my screened-in porch, I sat in silence and listened to the birds in my yard. This was my form of meditation, a form of being with myself only. I pulled out my journal and wrote down positive affirmations. I visualized exactly what I wanted my life to be. My morning routine that day sounds super corny from an outside perspective, but I loved it. I even ended up purchasing and using the companion journal (link below).



The rest of my day went exactly as The Morning Miracle said it would. I was more motivated and got more done than I had in as long as I could remember. I was in a good mood and happy throughout the day. I went to bed that night feeling like I accomplished something that day. It felt good. And it all started with my morning routine.


The next day, I woke up even earlier than the day before, at 5:30 am, and had the same sort of day. The day after that, I woke up even earlier, at 5 am. I had the same day. I came to enjoy my morning routine and look forward to it. I was accomplishing so much. I felt like I was quickly growing into a new, better version of myself. It’s been 5 am for me ever since, and I haven’t looked back once.


What The Morning Miracle and my New Morning Routine Did for my Life


This blog came into existence because of The Morning Miracle. I had always wanted to start a blog, but never had the motivation or the time. I wasted years only talking about the possibility of starting a blog. After beginning my new morning routine, I had this blog up and running within two weeks. I began writing my second book again, something I hadn’t done in a long time. I was spending more time than ever with family and other loved ones. My zest for life was back, and stronger than ever.


How my New Morning Routine Transformed my Communication Skills


The Morning Miracle drastically changed my self-communication for the better. It made me aware of the limiting thoughts in my brain, and how I talk to myself on a daily basis. I learned that when you tell yourself something enough, you believe it, and manifest that reality. I began to tell myself that I am a morning person, and I became that. I told myself I’m a writer, and I started to believe it. I told myself I was successful, and I began to feel like it. The words in my head became a reality,  just because I changed the way I communicated with myself. This is not to mention that I told myself I am an amazing communicator, so I began to communicate better externally. If you are looking to strengthen your communication skills, I highly recommend you read The Morning Miracle and implement the author’s teachings into your morning routine.


My Morning Routine Today


I continue to follow The Morning Miracle’s teachings every single day, and no longer have a desire to sleep in, even on the weekends. When I do slip up and sleep late, I know right away the mistake I made. I am normally in a bad mood and get nothing done when this happens. My best work and self-growth are done when I follow the morning routine laid out in The Morning Miracle. I strongly believe it would do the same for you if you only give it a chance. 





QUESTION: What does your morning routine look like, and how does it affect the rest of your day?


Andrew Puccetti
Andrew Puccetti
Andrew Puccetti is a 23 year old writer, blogger, and author of Lost Boy Found: Overcoming my OCD (Trigger Publishing). As a gay man who struggles with mental health issues, he brings a unique voice to the writing scene. He passionately writes about topics and individuals that are underrepresented in today’s literature. Andrew believes writing is a form of activism and can change the world. Over the years, he has mastered the art of written communication, and is now working to master all forms of communication. He knows that effective communication and word choice can change not only your world, but the entire world. Join him on this journey.

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