5 Reasons You Need to Begin Strengthening Your Communication Skills TODAY

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June 4, 2020

5 Reasons You Need to Begin Strengthening Your Communication Skills TODAY

Why you should learn effective communication

Communication makes our world go round. In fact, it makes our lives go round, and it’s so easy to forget that. Communication shapes absolutely everything in our lives, from our relationships to our careers, and even our happiness. I am a firm believer that effective communication creates our entire lives. Here are five reasons why you should begin strengthening your communication skills today.



1. You’ll make new connections (and reinforce the ones you already have)


Are you looking for new platonic, romantic, or business relationships? Every single interaction we have begins with effective communication. People are drawn to those who have learned to harness this valuable skill. The more effective our communication becomes, the easier it will be for us to create new relationships in our lives. Not only this, but our current relationships will have less conflict, and will likely become more intimate. 


2. You’ll Receive the opportunities you’ve always wanted


Learning effective communication means being better at influencing the people around you. Nine times out of ten, we can get what we want simply by communicating well with others. Whether you’re a professional vying for a promotion, or an actor trying to land an agent, it all starts with influencing others, which has everything to do with effective communication.


3. You’ll change the perspectives of those around you


Persuasion cannot be achieved without effective communication. If you want to change the perspective of the people around you, I cannot stress how important it is to learn how to communicate what you are trying to say, your reasoning behind it, and why you feel the way you do. Communication has the power to change the world.


4. You’ll increase success in all areas of your life


Effective communication is a driving force for achieving success. It unlocks opportunities, lessens stress, and influences the people around us. Learning effective communication has the ability to unlock our fullest potential.


5. You’ll be happier


Effective communication is an underrated way to become a happier person. By harnessing this skill, we are able to change our external environment. Not only are we able to do this, but with learning how to effectively communicate with ourselves, we can change the thoughts in our mind that are causing us unhappiness. 



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QUESTION: How has communicating effectively affected your life for the better?



Andrew Puccetti
Andrew Puccetti
Andrew Puccetti is a 23 year old writer, blogger, and author of Lost Boy Found: Overcoming my OCD (Trigger Publishing). As a gay man who struggles with mental health issues, he brings a unique voice to the writing scene. He passionately writes about topics and individuals that are underrepresented in today’s literature. Andrew believes writing is a form of activism and can change the world. Over the years, he has mastered the art of written communication, and is now working to master all forms of communication. He knows that effective communication and word choice can change not only your world, but the entire world. Join him on this journey.

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