3 Words You Need to Stop Using

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3 Words You Need to Stop Using

Some words hold more power than others. While some can make us into the person we truly want to become, others can hold us  back from that. This is why it's incredibly important to pay attention to the words we say to ourselves and others. Here are three words you should ditch from your vocabulary right away.


If I'm being honest, the word maybe is one of my least favorite words in the English language, as it's incredibly dis-empowering. Let's be honest, no one likes to hear someone respond to their question with maybe.

When using this word verbally with other people, it makes us sound untrustworthy, unmotivated, and indecisive. If we truly want to live to our fullest potentials, this is not the image we should portray. No one wants to work with a person who can't make a decision, and no one feels comfortable hearing this word. Decide on a yes or no answer, or let the person know that you need to think on it. The word maybe is weakness coming straight out of our mouths.

When it comes to the word maybe in our head, I believe this word is actually used as an excuse to limit our growth.

Maybe I'll work out tomorrow.

Maybe I'll spend time with my family.

Using this word internally holds us back from our greatest ambitions. When we give ourselves a yes or no answer, we are making  a commitment to being the person we want to become. This is not to mention that when we follow through, we gain a sense of trust in ourselves.


The word never holds us back, unless it's being used to give instructions. Whether we use this world verbally or internally, it is putting us into a cage and limiting what we can truly accomplish. When using it with other people, we even have the power to limit what they do. It makes both us and other individuals feel powerless.

I will never make that much money.

You can never make money painting.

If we say this word enough, we and the people we say it to will  begin believing this. Don't limit yourselves or others. Open yourself up to the fact that we can accomplish anything we want in this world. Start believing that instead.

I'll try

Yes, I know these are actually two words, but I found them incredibly important to bring up. These words are very similar to maybe, in that they are untrustworthy and bring weakness to how we are portrayed to both ourselves and others.

I'll try to get that report in on time.

I'll try to eat healthy today.

I look at the words i'll try as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we're saying this, most likely, we don't want to do something, don't believe we can do it, or don't want to commit. Possibly, it could be all of the above.

People won't trust us, and we won't trust ourselves if we use these words. Just as I said before, make a commitment. Say either yes or no. Uncertainty in our words is good for no one.

These three words and phrases I just talked about can hold us back from everything we truly want in life. I would encourage you to try taking these out of your vocabulary, and see if it affects your own life positively.

Question: How do you think these three words and/or phrases have impacted your life, for better or worse?

Andrew Puccetti
Andrew Puccetti
Andrew Puccetti is a 23 year old writer, blogger, and author of Lost Boy Found: Overcoming my OCD (Trigger Publishing). As a gay man who struggles with mental health issues, he brings a unique voice to the writing scene. He passionately writes about topics and individuals that are underrepresented in today’s literature. Andrew believes writing is a form of activism and can change the world. Over the years, he has mastered the art of written communication, and is now working to master all forms of communication. He knows that effective communication and word choice can change not only your world, but the entire world. Join him on this journey.

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